What is Art Samurai?

Have you ever wanted to take your illustration to the next level, whether it be comic book art, cartooning, inking, painting, figure study, and more? Or perhaps you have questions about breaking into the professional world of freelancing. ArtSamurai.net is an inexpensive and convenient opportunity to get training online through a real pro in the illustration industry.

ART SAMURAI is an online class, or DOJO, where you will be given a homework assignment in a given subject prior to the workshop.  Students submit their homework and a few assignments will be selected to be critiqued and drawn over LIVE while registered students can watch, take notes, and ask questions with the interactive chat feature.  Students can even chat and talk shop with each other!  Finally, at the end of the class,  a video of the instructor’s version of the class’ homework assignment will be shown with commentary to help students understand the “why’s” and “why not’s” of their process.

Our various self-contained 2-hour workshops are to-the-point, intense, demonstration-and-critique heavy, interactive with real-time chat, and last-but-not-least: AFFORDABLE to those who wish to register.

A lot of aspiring artists can only wish to have this type of training and education easily and affordably from someone who knows what it takes to become a professional; we are here to give it to you. I hope you’ll join us here at ART SAMURAI.